Using the Windows Printer Driver

To set up your printer to use a Windows printer driver:
  1. Click File → Printer Setup in the session window.

    The Printer Setup window lists the supported printers.

  2. Select the printer driver to be used from the Printer list box. DEFAULT will cause the use of the Windows default printer.
    1. The DEFAULT selection is shown when the .WS file specifies printer=DEFAULT in the [printers] stanza.
    2. When this selection is made, no message appears before the job is printed.
    3. When a printer has been selected for a session, the name of that printer is displayed in the status bar of the session window.
  3. If desired, click on the check box to Show this dialog before every print.
  4. Confirm that the Use PDT file check box is not selected and then select OK.

    Z and I Emulator for Windows will now use the printer driver you selected, and the Printer Setup window is closed.