You can use Z and I Emulator for Windows to print from display or printer sessions:
  • From display sessions, you can print all (Print Screen) or part (Trim Print) of the screen of your session window on a workstation printer.

    To print only part of the session window, drag the mouse to create a trimming rectangle around the part of the window you want to print and then select Print Screen from the File menu.

  • With printer sessions, you can print files directly from a host system to a workstation printer. Refer to the online help for more information.

    Configure a printer session to designate a workstation printer as a system printer that will use either the printer definition tables (PDTs) provided with Z and I Emulator for Windows or the Windows printer drivers. Refer to the online help for more information.

To print, the following methods apply:
  • You can use Windows printer drivers that you configure through the session File → Printer Setup menu.
  • You can use printer definition tables (PDTs), which give greater control over the print data stream.
  • For 5250 only: You can use Host Print Transform, where the host formats and builds the printer commands.

For more information about printing, refer to Emulator User's Reference.