Using Hotspots

Note: You must have a mouse to use hotspots
To use a hotspot:
  1. Move the mouse pointer to the hotspot displayed in the session window.
  2. Double-click the left button of the mouse, except for 3D hotspots, which only require a single click.

    Z and I Emulator for Windows determines whether you have specified a hotspot function that matches what appears at the position of the mouse pointer. If so, it processes the hotspot. When two or more hotspots are specified for a single character string, the first retrieved hotspot is processed.

    Hotspots are retrieved in the following order:
    1. Point-and-select (connect to Web site using URL)
    2. PFnn, FPnn, Fnn, nn
    3. Point-and-select (run the macro)
    4. Point-and-select (enter the selected string)
    5. Point-and-select (enter at the cursor position)