Hotspot Setup

A hotspot is an area of the session window on which you can double-click the left mouse button to perform a command or function. You do not need to use the keyboard. For example, you can double-click a function key number to perform the function.

Tip: Select Show hotspots to get three-dimensional (3D) hotspots; these only require a single click, and they stand out on your screen.
You can define the following actions for a hotspot:
  • Click on a URL to connect to a World Wide Web site.
  • Simulate function keys.
  • Play a macro that has the same name as the character string you select on the session window.
  • Enter the selected string at the cursor position.
  • Simulate the Enter key at the cursor position.
  • For VT, simulate two sets of function keys, PF1 through PF4 and F6 through F20.