ECLConnList Class

ECLConnList obtains information about all host connections on a given machine. An ECLConnList object contains a collection of all the connections that are currently known in the system.

The ECLConnList object contains a collection of ECLConnection objects. Each element of the collection contains information about a single connection. A connection in this list may be in any state (for example, stopped or disconnected). All started connections appear in this list. The ECLConnection object contains the state of the connection.

The list is a snapshot of the set of connections at the time this object is created, or the last time the Refresh method was called. The list is not dynamically updated as connections are started and stopped. An application can use the RegisterStartEvent member of the ECLConnMgr object to be notified of connection start and stop events.

An ELCConnList object may be created directly by the application or indirectly by the creation of an ECLConnMgr object.