Usage Notes

An ECLConnList object provides a static snapshot of current connections. The Refresh method is automatically called upon construction of the ECLConnList object. If you use the ECLConnList object right after construction it contains an accurate representation of the list of connections at that moment. However, you should call the Refresh method in the ECLConnList object before you start accessing it if some time has passed since its construction.

The application can iterate over the collection by using the GetFirstConnection and GetNextConnection methods. The object pointers returned by GetFirstConnection and GetNextConnection are valid only until the Refresh member is called, or the ECLConnList object is destroyed. The application can locate a specific connection of interest in the list using the FindConnection function. Like GetNextConnection, the returned pointer is valid only until the next Refresh or the ECLConnList object is destroyed.

The order of connections in the connection list is undefined. An application should not make any assumptions about the list order. The order of connections in the list does not change until the Refresh function is called.

An ECLConnList object is automatically created when an ECLConnMgr object is created. However, the ECLConnList object can be created without an ECLConnMgr object.