The SearchText method searches for text in the presentation space of the connection associated with the ECLPS object. The method returns the linear position at which the text is found, or zero if the text is not found. The search may be made in the forward (left to right, top to bottom) or backward (right to left, bottom to top) directions using the optional Dir parameter. The search can be case-sensitive or case folded (insensitive) using the optional FoldCase parameter.

If no starting position is given, the search starts at the beginning of the screen for forward searches, or at the end of the screen for backward searches. A starting position may be given in terms of a linear position or row and column coordinates. If a starting position is given it indicates the position at which to begin the search. Forward searches search from the starting position (inclusive) to the last character of the screen. Backward searches search from the starting position (inclusive) to the first character of the screen.

The search string must exist completely within the search area for the search to be successful (for example, if the search string spans over the specified starting position it will not be found).

The returned linear position may be converted to row and column coordinates using the base class ConvertPosToRowCol method.