Creating an iSeries-to-Workstation Transfer Request

To create a transfer request to receive data from the host, do as follows:
  1. Click the Data Transfer icon.
  2. When the PC→iSeries Transfer window opens, select Switch to RECEIVE to switch the display to the iSeries→PC Transfer window.

    For the additional settings, click the Advanced button.

  3. Which items are to be specified by the user vary with the data type, as follows:
    • Entire iSeries, eServer™ i5, or System i5® file
    • Part of an iSeries, eServer i5, or System i5 file
    • Data combined from several iSeries, eServer i5, or System i5 files
    • Summary of record groups
    Before specifying each item, while referring to Items to Be Specified, note the following points regarding the data to be received.