Receiving Data Combined from Several iSeries, eServer i5, or System i5 Files

The data to be transferred can be stored in two or more iSeries, eServer™ i5, or System i5® files. These files are assumed to be related. Based on this relationship, they can be linked or joined, as if all the data existed in a single file. The files can be transferred to the workstation after they have been joined. By using the iSeries→PC Transfer function, this “join and transfer” function can be performed in a single step.

The FROM items are as follows:
System name
This item specifies the name of the system.
Library/File (Member)
This item specifies the names of all iSeries, eServer i5, or System i5 files from which data is to be transferred.
This item specifies how to join or combine the data in each file.
This item specifies a field to be transferred.
This item specifies the requirements that must be satisfied before records can be selected for transfer.
This item is optional. It specifies how records are grouped. When this item is left blank, records are not grouped (data is transferred in the same order as it appears in the iSeries, eServer i5, or System i5 file).