Any programming language which can invoke an entry point in a DLL with the "Pascal" calling convention can be used to execute EHLLAPI functions. However, the Z and I Emulator for Windows EHLLAPI toolkit provides header files and function prototypes only for the C++ languages. A clear understanding of data structure layout and calling conventions is required to use any other language. The EHLLAPI toolkit supports the following C/C++ compilers:
  • Microsoft Visual C/C++ Version 4.0 and higher
Most other C/C++ compilers will also work with the toolkit.
EHLLAPI C/C++ applications must include the Z and I Emulator for Windows EHLLAPI header file (HAPI_C.H). This file defines the layout of data structures and provides a prototype for the EHLLAPI entry point.
Note: The data structure layout for 16- and 32-bit applications are not the same (see Standard and Enhanced Interface Considerations).