Introduction to IBM Standard EHLLAPI, IBM Enhanced EHLLAPI and WinHLLAPI Programming

This chapter provides information needed to incorporate IBM® Standard EHLLAPI (16- and 32-bit), WinHLLAPI (16- and 32-bit), and IBM Enhanced 32-bit EHLLAPI (EHLAPI32) functions into applications written in a high level language. It provides details on call format, memory allocation considerations, initializing the interfaces, and compiling and linking applications. Also included is a short sample EHLLAPI program and the compile/link instructions used to build it. Finally, a set of possible uses for the EHLLAPI interface (scenarios) is described.

An EHLLAPI application is any application program which uses the EHLLAPI interface to access the host 3270/5250/VT presentation space. The presentation space includes the visible emulator character data, fields and attribute data, keystroke data, and other information.