EHLLAPI Return Codes

EHLLAPI functions return a completion code or return codein the 4th parameter of the hllapi function call (except for the Convert Position or RowCol (99) function). The return code indicates the success or failure of the requested function.

Unless indicated otherwise in the description of each function, the following table shows the meaning of each return code value. Some functions may have a slightly different interpretation of these return codes; refer to the individual function descriptions for details.

Table 1. EHLLAPI Return Codes
Return Code   Explanation
0 The function successfully executed, or no update since the last call was issued.
1 An incorrect host presentation space ID was specified. The specified session either was not connected, does not exist, or is a logical printer session.
2 A parameter error was encountered, or an incorrect function number was specified. (Refer to the individual function for details.)
4 The execution of the function was inhibited because the target presentation space was busy, in X CLOCK state (X []), or in X SYSTEM state.
5 The execution of the function was inhibited for some reason other than those stated in return code 4.
6 A data error was encountered due to specification of an incorrect parameter (for example, a length error causing truncation).
7 The specified presentation space position was not valid.
8 A functional procedure error was encountered (for example, use of conflicting functions or missing prerequisite functions).
9 A system error was encountered.
10 This function is not available for EHLLAPI.
11 This resource is not available.
12 This session stopped.
24 The string was not found, or the presentation space is unformatted.
25 Keystrokes were not available on input queue.
26 A host event occurred. See Query Host Update (24) for details.
27 File transfer was ended by a Ctrl+Break command.
28 Field length was 0.
31 Keystroke queue overflow. Keystrokes were lost.
32 An application has already connected to this session for communications.
33 Reserved.
34 The message sent to the host was canceled.
35 The message sent from the host was canceled.
36 Contact with the host was lost.
37 Inbound communication has been disabled.
38 The requested function has not completed its execution.
39 Another DDM session is already connected.
40 The disconnection attempt was successful, but there were asynchronous requests that had not been completed at the time of the disconnection.
41 The buffer you requested is being used by another application.
42 There are no outstanding requests that match.
43 The API was already locked by another EHLLAPI application (on LOCK) or API not locked (on UNLOCK).