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Z and I Emulator for Windows Library
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Welcome to Z and I Emulator for Windows
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Session Manager Online
Support for the New Japanese Era (Reiwa) in ZIEWin
Z and I Emulator for Windows Program Icons
Administrative and Problem Determination (PD) Aids
Z and I Emulator for Windows Sessions
Z and I Emulator for Windows Connections
zSeries Emulator Connections
iSeries Emulator Connections
ASCII Emulator Connections (SBCS only)
Planning to Install Z and I Emulator for Windows
Workstation Hardware
Workstation Memory Requirements
Application Data
Application Data Locations
Using Z and I Emulator for Windows
Configuring Sessions
Creating a Configuration
Creating an FTP configuration
Environment variables in workstation profile
Saving Configuration Information
Saving a Workstation Profile
Saving an FTP Client Configuration
Changing Configuration Information
Changing a Workstation Profile
Starting and Stopping Emulator Sessions
Session Manager
Session Manager Options
Session Manager Online
Installer enhancements
Starting Sessions
Starting Multiple Sessions
Command line options for PCSWS.EXE
Creating a Batch File
Starting a Batch File
Editing an Existing Batch File
Starting Multiple Sessions without a Batch File
Automatically Starting Sessions
Stopping Sessions
Option to suppress confirmation message for pcomstop
Stopping an emulator session without access to the tool bar
Using Emulator Sessions
Screen Reader Assist
Expanded OIA
Popup Keypad
Quick Connect
Power Management
Connected State
Non-Connected State
Critical Sleep
Printer Session Association
Print Session Setup (3270 and 5250)
Print Screen Collection functions
Collecting Print Jobs (5250 Printer Session)
Using the Windows Printer Driver
Using Printer Definition Table (PDT) Files
Using Host Print Transform (5250 only)
Page Setup
Scalable (Truetype) APL Font Support on Printers
ZipPrint (3270 Only)
Preparing to Use ZipPrint
Starting ZipPrint
Using ZipPrint
Edit Options
Editing by Linking to Windows Application Programs
Copying Table Data to a Spreadsheet
Transferring Files
ASCII Host Data Transfer
Setting Up the Appearance of a Session Window
Tool Bar Setup
Showing or Hiding the Menu Bar, Status Bar, or Tool Bar
Window Setup
Setting Up and Using the Assist Functions
Keyboard, Macro, and Script Functions
Hotspot Setup
Keyboard Setup
Macro/Script Setup and Use
Express Logon Feature
Mouse Setup
Pop-Up Keypad Setup
Tab Setup (VT only)
Web Browser Setup
Managing Emulator Sessions
Getting Help
Online Emulator Session
Detect and Repair
32-Bit ODBC Administrator
Multiple Sessions
File Transfer Considerations
Convert Macro
Data Transfer
iSeries Connection Configuration Utility
Extension List
Cache Size
Z and I Emulator for Windows FTP client
Command Line FTP
Security-Related Messages
Functions Restricted by System Policies
System Error Messages
OIA Messages
Appendix. Notices