Maintenance Installation of Z and I Emulator for Windows

After you have successfully installed Z and I Emulator for Windows on your system, users can perform maintenance installations to their Z and I Emulator for Windows program. The maintenance installation utility has three functions:

When the Program Maintenance dialog opens, select Modify, Repair, or Remove and click Next.

To successfully run maintenance installation, the Z and I Emulator for Windows installation image must be available on either the installation image or on the network server. If you installed from a network server, the installation image must still be present at the original network location. If the installation image is not present, when you use the Modify or Remove utility to add features or to remove Z and I Emulator for Windows from your system, you may receive one of the following error messages: To continue with maintenance installation you must either insert the installation image or browse the network to find the new location of the installation image.