Considerations for Using PC400 Sessions

This chapter contains hints and tips for using PC400 sessions. Supplementary information other than the items described in this book is included in the Readme HTML file in the Z and I Emulator for Windows directory.

Scroll Bar

When you click Font from the Appearance menu in the host session window and select Fixed Size from the Select Display Font window, the entire operator information area might not appear on the screen; the session-window size is restricted to be smaller than the screen size. If you specify With Scroll Bar, the OIA will not scroll.

Following are some additional considerations when printing with PC400.

Printing Bar Codes

This function requires OS/400® Version 4.2 or i5/OS™.

CPI/LPI of Device Fonts

If the printer driver cannot print with device fonts associated with the user-specified CPI/LPI, the print output can be generated with incorrect CPI/LPI values.

PCSERR999 Error Messages

Message PCSERR999 - Z and I Emulator for Windows internal error:module-name - xxxx might appear if there is insufficient memory. If any print jobs are queued in the print manager, delete those print jobs.

Disconnect in Testrequest to iSeries, eServer i5, or System i5 on Telnet 5250

Executing a Testrequest function when connected to an iSeries®, eServer™ i5, or System i5® might cause the session to be disconnected. If you experience this problem, make sure that OS/400 APAR MA15053 has been applied on the iSeries, eServer i5, or System i5.

iSeries, eServer i5, or System i5 Host Print Problem

If you attempt to use the host print function (mapped to CTRL-Pause by default) while viewing a spooled print file, the ends of some of the lines might be wrapped incorrectly in the second generated spool file. This problem occurs with both 24X80 and 27X132 display modes. This problem has been fixed by a PTF on OS/400. The APAR number is SA57195 and is available on PTF MF13596 for OS/400 V3R1.

Printable Area

Depending on the printer driver used, it might not be possible to use the entire surface of the paper for printing.

If the printing position is beyond the printable area, the page is automatically changed. When using a printer driver that allows you to set the margins, specify the minimum margins, thus maximizing the printable area.

PDT Mode

Printing using a PDT file is restricted as follows:

Setting the Code Page

The host code page, which is set in the Configuration panel, is used as the default. Use the Set Initial Condition (SIC) command to set the host code page.

You can change the code page by using Set GCGID Through GCID (SCG) command or Set CGCS Through Local ID (SCGL) command. The same code pages for the display session are available.