1. Sample Program Files
  2. Sample Program Subdirectories
  3. EHLLAPI Return Codes
  4. EHLLAPI Read and Write Sharing Option Combinations
  5. Prerequisite Functions and Associated Dependent Functions
  6. EHLLAPI Functions Summary
  7. Mnemonics with Uppercase Alphabetic Characters
  8. Mnemonics with Numbers or Lowercase Characters
  9. Mnemonics with @A and @ Uppercase Alphabetic Characters
  10. Mnemonics with @A and @ Lowercase Alphabetic Characters
  11. Mnemonics with @A and @ Alphanumeric (Special) Characters
  12. Mnemonics with @S (Shift), @W (Edit) and @ Alphabetic Characters
  13. Mnemonics Using @M, @Q and @Alphabetic Lowercase (For VT Only)
  14. Mnemonics with Special Character Keys
  15. DDM Query Reply Base Format
  16. DDM Application Name Self-Defining Parameter
  17. DDM PCLK Auxiliary Device Self-Defining Parameter
  18. Base DDM Query Reply Format with Name and Direct Access Self-Defining Parameters
  19. Base DDM Query Reply Format with Direct Access and Name Self-Defining Parameters
  20. IBM Auxiliary Device Base Format with Direct Access Self-Defining Parameter
  21. IBM Auxiliary Device Direct Access Self-Defining Parameter
  22. IBM Auxiliary Device PCLK Self-Defining Parameter
  23. IBM Product-Defined Query Reply Base Format
  24. Valid REFID and SSID Values for the IBM Product-Defined Query Reply
  25. IBM Product-Defined Direct Access Self-Defining Parameter
  26. IBM DIA Base Format
  27. IBM Product-Defined Direct Access Self-Defining Parameter