The Preferences utility provides a method for changing configuration and setup items.

  1. Preferences set with the Preferences Utility pertain to you whenever you log on to the same user ID on the affected workstation; they apply to all of your sessions while you are logged on.
  2. Preferences set using the session Edit menu apply to all sessions controlled by the workstation profile created or changed while using a session—when that session profile is used again, the preferences are applicable, regardless of the user ID at the time.
  3. One of the capabilities of the Preferences Utility is to allow specification of a directory to be used for storing your profiles; this allows full control of your environment.

To access the Preferences Utility, click Programs -> HCL Z and I Emulator for Windows -> Utilities -> Preferences from the Windows Start menu. Select the Basic tab to change the preferences and select Advanced tab to change the maximum number of emulator sessions and pass through host certification validation.