Workstation Hardware

Z and I Emulator for Windows supports workstations with the following hardware:

Table 1. Workstation Hardware Support
System units

The recommended system unit has an Intel Pentium® microprocessor and access to a DVD-ROM drive.

A minimum of 180 MB of fixed drive space is required.

Display monitors All VGA resolution or above display monitors supported by Windows.
Video adapters All VGA resolution or above video adapters supported by Windows.
  • Enhanced keyboard (101-key, 102-key, 104-key)
  • Space-saving keyboard
  • Microsoft Natural keyboard
Printers All printers supported by Windows when a PDT file is not used. For more details about printers supported in PDT mode, refer to Emulator User's Reference.
Communication adapters LAN, SDLC, COM Port, OEM, and Multiprotocol communication adapters.
Modems All asynchronous modems that use the Hayes AT command set and are supported by Windows.

Synchronous (SDLC) modems attached to a multiprotocol adapter (MPA) or SDLC adapter.