Saving a Workstation Profile

If you save your emulator configuration information, the session will have the same characteristics the next time you start it. If you have an icon added to the Z and I Emulator for Windows folder, you can restart the session with the saved configuration information by clicking this icon from the Start menu. You are automatically given the opportunity to save your session information when you close a session. However, if you want to save the information at any time, use the following procedure:
  1. Select Save from the File menu in the session window.

    The Save WorkStation Profile As window appears.

  2. Type a file name (.WS) and then click OK. The name you enter will become the icon title unless you enter a description. Note that you can choose the directory where this file is saved, but the default directory is the application data directory specified during installation.
  3. An icon associated with the profile will appear in the Session Manager.