Managing Emulator Sessions

Z and I Emulator for Windows provides the following functions, in addition to those provided by Windows, for those who work with several open session windows simultaneously. These functions allow you to manage your session windows easily and quickly. The Window menu has the following selections:
Use Jump to switch between the currently opened session windows.

You cannot use Jump to switch to a session window that is currently hidden. Instead, select Show Session from the Window menu to display the session window on the screen. Then, select Jump.

Hide Session
Use Hide Session to stop displaying a visible session window.

You cannot hide all sessions. At least one session is always shown.

Show Session
Use Show Session to display a session window that was previously hidden with Hide Session.

Use the View menu to display a previously-saved arrangement of windows, or to save an arrangement of windows.

Z and I Emulator for Windows can save and restore the following information relating to the session window view:
  • Position and size of each window
  • Window status (standard, minimized, or maximized)
  • Window font

You can save view information for up to eight windows.