Tool Bar Setup

The tool bar displays under the menu bar in your session window to allow quick access to the Z and I Emulator for Windows functions, commands, and defined macros.

Use the tool bar pop-up menu to quickly and easily create, edit, and delete tool bar items, as well as to save and load customized tool bars. When you customize the tool bar, you can change the order of items, add and delete items, change the function, title, or graphic associated with any item, change the fonts, colors, and other tool bar visual style elements. The settings are stored in a .BAR file.

To customize your tool bar, select Tool Bar → Tool Bar Style from the Settings menu, or display the Tool Bar pop-up menu by clicking on the right mouse button while pointing at any part of the tool bar.

For information about customizing the tool bar, refer to the online help.

If you want to hide the tool bar, see Showing or Hiding the Menu Bar, Status Bar, or Tool Bar.