User Interface Language

You can view the language of the installed package by selecting Help > About Z and I Emulator for Windows from the session menu bar.

If your system was installed with multiple-language support, the Basic property page shows a section labeled Select a default user interface language. If you click on the radio button for Z and I Emulator for Windows User Interface Language Preference, it also shows a drop-down list box, with the language selected that is currently being used; you can select any other language from the list, and that language will be used for the user interface when you subsequently restart Z and I Emulator for Windows. Or you can click the radio button User Default from Regional Settings if you want the language to be that specified in the Windows settings. You can also click the radio button Post a Language Selection Dialog for each process; this results in a pop-up dialog each time you start a new application from the Z and I Emulator for Windows group of programs.

Note: You might receive a warning message, if the selected language is incompatible with your system's current code page. You can ignore this, if you are planning to reboot your computer to select a new system locale with a compatible code page.