32-Bit ODBC Administrator

ODBC is a programming interface that enables applications to access data in database management systems that use Structured Query Language (SQL) as a data access standard.

Use the following steps to set up the Z and I Emulator for Windows ODBC data source:
  1. Select the 32-bit ODBC Administrator icon from the Windows Control Panel. The Data Sources window appears.
  2. Select IBM® DB2® ODBC Driver data source in the Data Sources (Drivers) list. Then click Finish.
  3. Click Add Database. The Z and I Emulator for Windows Add Database SmartGuide appears to prompt you through the set up.
  4. Select the Manually Configure a Connection to a DB2 Database radio button.
  5. Specify the information to set up the data source, by clicking Next.
  6. When you are finished specifying the information, click Done.
  7. You will be prompted to test the connection. To test the connection, click OK.
  1. Z and I Emulator for Windows uses ODBC 32-bit drivers. Applications, such as Lotus® 1-2-3 included in the Lotus SmartSuite® 96 package, require a 16-bit driver and will not work with Z and I Emulator for Windows. You should see your product vendor for a version that utilizes 32-bit ODBC drivers (Lotus 1-2-3 included in Lotus SmartSuite 97 for example).