Verifying an ELF Macro

You can visually inspect the macro recording of a host application logon to verify that the user ID and password have been replaced by Express Logon Feature (ELF) tags. The procedure is as follows:
  1. Open the macro file containing the recorded keystrokes by clicking Settings → Macro/Script.
  2. Select the macro file you just recorded and click Customize.
  3. Verify that the user ID has been replaced with two tags: the ELF Application ID and the ELF user ID placeholder. The Application ID tag consists of three words, each separated by a blank character: elf, applid, and the identifier of the host application that will be logged onto. The user ID placeholder is )USR.ID(

    For example, "myUserID should have been replaced with ")USR.ID(.

  4. Verify that the Password has been replaced with the ELF Password placeholder tag )PSS.WD(.

    For example, "myPassword should have been replaced with ")PSS.WD(.