Recording an Express Logon Macro

To record an ELF macro, do the following:
  1. Select the Macro file format of recording.
  2. Check the Express Logon for Macro Enable box.
  3. Enter the Application ID for Express Logon.
  4. Follow this sequence when the host prompts you to type the user ID:
    1. Type the user ID.
    2. Type the password into the non-display password field.
    3. Only after typing the password should you type any additional data needed for logon.

    As the keystrokes that were recorded during the logon are saved in the ELF macro file, Z and I Emulator for Windows will attempt to identify and replace the user ID and password that you enter with special placeholder strings, )USR.ID( and )PSS.WD(. This automatic recognition requires that the password be typed into the first non-display input field. The user ID is assumed to have been entered just prior to the password.

    If you make an error when typing any logon data, you must record the macro again.

During later playback of the macro, the ELF Application ID (stored in the macro) and the secured connection will be used to repeat the logon without the need for user ID and password.

You can also manually configure a macro for ELF. Refer to Administrator's Guide and Reference for more information.