Paste Options

You can control how text is pasted before and after protected fields, and how tabulated text appears after it is pasted. The following Paste functions are available.

Field Wrap
Check this box if you want pasted data that falls onto a protected field to move to the next unprotected field. If you do not check this box, any data that falls onto an unprotected field is lost.
Line Wrap
Check this box to allow pasting of copied text across lines.
Don't Split Words
Check this box to avoid words being split across fields and lines. The text being pasted into fields is split on word boundaries, which breaks the text and starts the new word in the next field. If one word is being pasted into a field, but the field is not long enough to hold the word, then as much of the word as possible is put into the field, and the rest of the word is carried on to the next field.
Note: If the Field Wrap or Line Wrap option is not enabled, the word break option is not available.
Paste to marked area
Check this box to restrict pasting to a marked area, if it exists. If the marked area doesn't exist, pasting will take place at the current location.
Stop pasting when protected line encountered
Check this box to have the pasted text stop when it comes to a protected line on the emulator screen. If you do not check this box, the paste continues.
Tab Character Processing
Advance to next tab stop
You can choose to align tabulated text at specified tab stops. For example, if you choose Advance to next tab stop 4 column(s), your tabulated text is advanced to the column position that is the next multiple of 4.
Replace with n space(s)
You can choose to replace tab stops with a certain number of spaces. For example, if you choose replace with 3 spaces, each tab stop in your original text becomes 3 spaces.

The default setting is to replace each tab character with one space.

Paste data to fields
You can choose to have tabulated text placed in subsequent unprotected fields. With this option, when a tab character is encountered, the following text data will be pasted into the next unprotected field of the emulator session.
Note: This option is available only for 5250 sessions.