Popup Keypad

Even though most users use the popup keypad with a mouse, it is possible to customize and use the poppads with the keyboard alone. To display (execute) a poppad without a mouse, you must map a few keys in the Settings → Keyboard → Customize dialog.

The Display Poppad function shows the last poppad and puts keyboard focus on it. The functions Display Poppad Pad 1, Display Poppad Pad 2, Display Poppad Pad 3, and Display Poppad Pad 4 display a specific poppad and put keyboard focus on that pad. You can execute the button with current focus by pressing the space bar or the Enter key.

If you are using a sticky poppad, the poppad window remains open until you close it. A regular poppad exits when you push one of the buttons. To get focus to a sticky pad without a mouse, you must map the Set Focus to Poppad function to a key—this sets focus to the sticky poppad from the session window. Because you must use the Ctrl-Tab key combination to get focus from the sticky poppad back to the session, mapping the Set Focus to Poppad function to the Ctrl-Tab key combination is not advisable.