Expanded OIA

For an accessible version of the Operator Information Area (bottom line of the session), you can display the expanded OIA window. Click View → Expanded OIA from the session menu bar. You can also select Show Expanded OIA from the session's system menu. You can change the number of lines displayed in the expanded OIA in the Settings → Appearance → Window Setup dialog.

To set focus to the expanded OIA so that a screen reader can read the values, you need to map a key to the function OIA: Toggle focus to/from Expanded OIA. This key enables you to toggle focus back and forth between the session window and the expanded OIA window. When you set focus to the expanded OIA window with a key, the focus in the expanded OIA is always set to the first line. When you return to the session window, the cursor should be where it was before you went into the expanded OIA window. Refer to the online help in the Settings → Keyboard → Customize dialog, for more information about custom key mapping.