Stopping an emulator session without access to the tool bar

This method can help you to stop a session when security restrictions do not allow tool bar access.

To stop an emulator session without access to the tool bar, you can use the mouse or a keyboard shortcut to launch pcomstop.exe. Use the following procedure to set up the pcomstop.exe shortcut:
  1. Create a shortcut for pcomstop.exe on the desktop or wherever you need.
  2. Right-click the shortcut to view the Properties window.
  3. Click the Shortcut tab.
  4. The executable name and path are in the Target input box. Append any required parameters to this path and click OK. These parameters will be used when the pcomstop.exe file is launched. For example, if you want to stop session A, modify the appended path:
    "E:\Program Files\HCL\Z and I Emulator for Windows\pcomstop.exe" /s=a
    Note: The /S or /ALL option is required to run pcomstop.exe. The /ALL option stops all sessions, while the /S=x option stops a particular session (where x is the session letter).
  5. In the Shortcut Key input box, type the key that you want to use as a shortcut (for example, X), and click OK.
You can then launch pcomstop.exe by the following methods:
  • Mouse
  • Double-click the modified shortcut
  • Keyboard
Windows always adds the Ctrl+Alt sequence to the shortcut key. For example, Ctrl+Alt+X becomes the shortcut for invoking pcomstop.exe and closes the emulator session.