Option to suppress confirmation message for pcomstop

When invoking pcomstop.exe from the command line, the NCE option can be used to suppress the exit confirmation message, which is shown when one or all sessions.

PCOMSTOP /S=<session>|/ALL [/Q] [/C] [/NCE] [/?]
One of the following parameters must be specified:
  • /S stops the session, while <session> is the letter of the session to be stopped
  • /ALL stops all sessions
The following parameters are optional:
  • /Q specifies quiet mode
  • /C converts the output to Windows code page
  • /NCE (No Confirm on Exit) stops one or all sessions (as defined by /S or /ALL) without confirmation, even if the Confirm on Exit or Exit All options are set.
  • /? displays help information