Changing a Workstation Profile

To change a workstation profile, use the following procedure:
  1. If your session window is not active, select the icon corresponding to the workstation profile to be changed.

    The session window appears.

  2. Select Configure from the Communication menu.

    The subsequent steps are the same as for creating a new configuration, beginning with step 3.

  3. After you have made your changes, the following message appears:
          Because you have changed the configuration,
          communication will be terminated if you
          proceed. Are you sure?

    If you click OK, communication ends, but then you are reconnected using the new configuration information.

    To save the changes in your workstation profile, click Save from the File menu in the session window and then click Yes to replace the existing file. Otherwise, click No to save this information in a new configuration file.


Unless you have deselected Save on Exit in the Exit Options dialog by selecting Exit from the Settings menu, changes are saved in the workstation profile automatically whenever you exit a session.