Creating an FTP configuration

  1. Open the FTP client from Start Menu by clicking Start -> HCL Z and I Emulator for Windows -> Utilities -> FTP Client.
  2. Click Communication -> Configuration from the menu.
  3. Choose the options in the Connect tab.
    • Enter the host name or IP address of the FTP server.
    • Set the required options from the Connection group box if the default values are to be changed.
  4. Click the Logon tab.
    • Enter the user name and password.
    • Enter the Remote/Local Home Directory values so that once the connection is established, the client will list these directories you specified.
  5. Click the File Transfer tab and select the appropriate choice for the Transfer mode from the drop-down list. Browse and select a Transfer List File if any.
  6. Click the SSL tab to specify the security parameters for Secure FTP. SSL is optional and not enabled by default.
    • Check Enable Security to enable the SSL security.
    • Select the Security provider for the connection.
    • Enter the Channel Security parameters for the connection.
    • Select the Client Authentication method from the two options.
  7. Click the Runtime Preferences tab.
    • Enter the action to be taken if target file exists during a file transfer.
    • Startup Commands enables you to provide a comma-separated list of FTP Command(s) to be executed after a successful connection.
    • Pass Through Host Certificate Validation allows the FTP client to finish a successful handshake bypassing the server certificate validation.
  8. Click OK to close the configuration dialog.
  9. Connect to the host by clicking Communication->Connect or the Connect button.