Z and I Emulator for Windows FTP client

The Z and I Emulator for Windows FTP client implements the client functionality specified by File Transfer Protocol (FTP), which is the standard protocol for transferring files to and from remote machines running FTP servers. The FTP client enables file and directory upload and download, and directory navigation of remote and local file systems.

The Z and I Emulator for Windows FTP client supports the following servers:
  • UNIX
  • iSeries (AS/400)
  • Windows
  • z/OS MVS
  • VMS
The following limitations apply:
  • Secure connections (SSL/TLS) are not supported.
  • The local file list does not support listing multiple local or LAN-attached drives.

    To view files on a different drive, type the drive letter of the drive you would like to view in the Directory field and click Enter. The new drive is displayed in the local file list.

  • Code page conversion for files is not supported.
  • Directory transfer is not supported on systems that do not have directory structures similar to Windows and UNIX. Such systems include the following:
    • VM
    • OS/390 or z/OS MVS services
    • OpenVMS
    • i5/OS and OS/400 Library File System