Installer enhancements

Panel addition to the ZIEWin Installer

As part of Managed HCL Z and I Emulator for Windows (MZIEWin) feature, a new panel has been added to the HCL Z and I Emulator for Windows Installer, where a user can provide the ZIE Server configuration details in the installation panel.

Here are the configuration parameters,
  1. Web Server Details : The URL of the Web Server from where HCL Z and I Emulator for Windows fix pack file will be downloaded for installation. Installer or fix pack will be installed on the system by "Start or Configure Sessions - Online" program.
  2. Config Server : DNS Name or IP address of the ZIE server, where the User profiles are stored in a centralized location.
  3. Config Server Port : The port that is used to connect to the ZIE server.

The ZIE server configuration is optional only, user can click next to skip the configuration and can configure this through "Preferences" utility post installation.

Auto-Update of HCL Z and I Emulator for Windows (ZIEWin):

Starting from version, ZIEWin supports automatic upgrade. ZIE administrators can manage the upgradation of ZIEWin clients by placing the upgrade configuration file in the Web Server, which has the information of recommended fix-packs or refresh packs that are available on the Web Server. The Web Sever URL can be provided during installation or can be configured via the "Preferences" utility.

When a User invokes the "Start or Configure Sessions - Online", the application checks if the installed version of ZIEWin is lower than the recommended version. If the ZIEWin installed on the system is of a lower version, the User gets a notification of the latest available ZIEWin version. The User can either choose to upgrade or decline the upgrade option.

  1. The upgrade configuration file is unique for every refresh pack installer and is shipped along with the Fixpack package.
  2. This feature can be availed from future upgrade FixPack\RefreshPack releases, that can be installed over ZIEWin with version 1.1 as the Base version.

For details regarding the Managed ZIEWin Configuration parameters and changes in Preferences, see ZIE Server Details.