Playing Macros and Scripts

To play a macro or script, click Actions → Start Playing Macro/Script, select the macro or script, and click OK. The selected macro starts to play.

To stop playing a macro or script , click Actions → Quit Playing Macro/Script. The macro or script stops playing.

Note: Z and I Emulator for Windows macro files more than 32KB in size cannot be played in the Z and I Emulator for Windows emulator session. If you want to play a macro file that is greater than 32KB, you will have to break the macro into multiple files.
Note: When playing a macro, the processing of a non-displayable field is controlled by the setting of the parameter HideNonDisplayDataOnRecord=Y in the [Keyboard] stanza of the .WS file; setting this causes a pop-up window to display, requiring your input. When this appears, type in the requested information and press Enter to continue.