Using Printer Definition Table (PDT) Files

Printer Definition Table files define the transfer of characters and control codes to a printer, and the printer output format. If a PDT file is used, the Windows printer driver is not used, and Z and I Emulator for Windows generates print output based on printer control information defined in the PDT file.

Refer to Administrator's Guide and Reference for more information about PDT files.

To use PDT files:
  1. Click File → Printer Setup in the session window.

    The Printer Setup window appears.

  2. Select the port to be used from the Printer list box.

    Selected PDT files are available for the port selected here.

  3. Select Setup and then specify the paper size of the selected printer driver.
  4. Select the Use PDT file check box and then select Select PDT.

    The Select PDT file window appears.

  5. To use an existing PDT file, select a PDT file to be used and then select OK.