Creating a Macro

You can create a macro manually or by recording some of your interactions with the host system, such as your logon procedure.

To create a macro manually:
  1. Macro/Script from the Appearance menu.
  2. When the Macro/Script Setup window appears, select Customize.
  3. When the Customize Macro/Script window appears, select File, then New, then Macro, and edit the macro. You can type statements directly or select functions, characters, or even other macros, from the list of Key Actions in the Select a Key-Action subpanel.

    Refer to the online help for detailed information.

  4. Click File, then Save to save the macro file.
  1. Macros that are converted to XML are intended for use in ZIEWeb (Z and I Emulator for Web) and will not function in Z and I Emulator for Windows emulation sessions. Use the ZIEWeb Macro Manager to import a converted Z and I Emulator for Windows macro into ZIEWeb. These converted macros will not appear in the list of available Z and I Emulator for Windows macros.