Copying Table Data to a Spreadsheet

You can use the Cut, Copy, Copy Link, or Copy Append choices in the Edit menu to copy data in the session window to the window of a Windows spreadsheet application program.

To use Copy, select the Paste or Paste Link choice in the application program window into which data is to be copied.

Data in the marked area can be copied in the following three data formats, depending on the format supported by the spreadsheet for the window to which data is to be copied:
Sylk format
Data format for general-purpose spreadsheets, such as Multiplan
BIFF format
Data format for Microsoft Excel
Wk3 format
Data format for Lotus® 1-2-3
Note: Whether application programs, such as Excel or Lotus 1-2-3, also support these data formats in subsequent versions depends on individual application program specifications.

Individual items of data in tables of the session window are divided automatically such that they are suitable for spreadsheets, and they are copied into individual cells of tables in the application program.