Collecting Print Jobs (5250 Printer Session)

You can collect 5250 print jobs and print them as a single job or in a group. The collected print jobs are stored in a .SCS file.

You can set the following .WS profile keywords to specify the path and file name for the .SCS file.
SCSPath=<local path>
The functions associated with this feature are listed below. The functions can be mapped to the keyboard, popup keypad, mouse button, or toolbar button.
  • Collect Mode

    When Collect Mode has been started, print jobs that have been sent are saved in the .SCS file. They are not printed immediately.

  • Print Collection

    The print jobs that have been saved are sent to the printer as a single job.

  • Purge Collection

    The collected print jobs are deleted.

Refer to the online help for details about mapping the functions.
The CombineJobs profile keyword enables you to collect the jobs for printing, while maintaining them as individual jobs (instead of one job in the .SCS file). Specify the .WS keyword as follows:
If you set CombineJobs to N, the Print Collection function sends the separate, collected jobs to the printer. While in Collect Mode, if the keyword is set to Y or is not specified, the print jobs are combined as a single job in the .SCS file.