Using Copy Link and Paste Link

  1. Mark the session window area for which Copy Link should be issued.
  2. Select Copy Link from the Edit menu.

    If the session window is already linked with an application program, Copy Link appears in gray and cannot be selected. In this case, force the application program to end the linkage, or stop the application program. Then you can select Copy Link.

  3. Start the Windows application program for the window to which an area should be copied.
  4. Specify the location for which Paste Link should be run.
  5. Issue Paste Link or Paste Special by using the menu for the application program.

    The contents of the marked area are pasted into the specified location in the window of the application program.

    Copy Link is now completed.

When the contents of the marked area in the session window are updated during linking, the contents of the area pasted to the window of the linked application program are also updated.

See the online help for more information about the Copy Link and Paste Link functions.