Application Data

Application Data is generally defined to be files that contain user preferences or configuration information; an application may need some or all of these files to run properly. Z and I Emulator for Windows uses multiple configuration files: User Class files can be stored individually by user profile, while System Class files are stored in a common location.

Table 1 lists the classifications of some of the most common Z and I Emulator for Windows file extensions.

Table 1. Application Data File Types
User Class System Class
Extension File Type Extension File Type
.ws Workstation Profile .mlg Default Message Log
.bch Multiple Sessions .trc Unformatted Trace
.ini Session Size and Location .tlg Formatted Trace
.pmp Popup Keypad Configuration .cfg FTP Client Configuration
.kmp Keyboard Configuration .pub Client/Host public key
.srl File Transfer List .dat FTP Client data file
.ndc iSeries Connection Configuration    
.tto iSeries Data Transfer Request (Receive)    
.tfr iSeries Data Transfer Request (Send)    
.bar Toolbar Setup    
.mac Macro    
.mmp Mouse Setup    
.xlt Translation Table    
.cert Certificate    
.der Binary DER