Installation of HCL ZIE License Manager

License manager is a tool that facilitates effective software management between end users and software vendors, thereby enabling organization to track and document the usage of the company's software products.

HCL ZIE License Manager is the license control tool used to track the license information for Mainframe Terminal +emulator products.

Steps to find the HCL ZIE License Manager installer files :
  1. Download/copy the HCL_ZIE_for_Windows*.zip to the machine.
  2. Extract the HCL_ZIE_for_Windows*.zip.
  3. Open the 'ZIE License Manager' sub-folder to find the 'License Manager.war' and 'License Manager.ear' files.

For details on the Installation of HCL ZIE License Manager, see HCL ZIE License Manager.

To configure the ZIE License Manager for ZIEWin, see the topic Configuration of License Manager settings.