autECLWinMetrics Class

The autECLWinMetrics object performs operations on an emulator window. It allows you to perform window rectangle and position manipulation (for example, SetWindowRect, Ypos and Width), as well as window state manipulation (for example, Visible or Restored). Its name in the registry is ZIEWin.autECLWinMetrics.

You must initially set the connection for the object you create. Use SetConnectionByName or SetConnectionByHandle to initialize your object. The connection may be set only once. After the connection is set, any further calls to the set connection methods cause an exception. If you do not set the connection and try to access a property or method, an exception is also raised.
Note: The autECLSession object in the autECL object is set by the autECL object.
The following example shows how to create and set the autECLWinMetrics object in Visual Basic.
DIM  autECLWinObj as Object
Set autECLWinObj = CreateObject("ZIEWin.autECLWinMetrics")
' Initialize the connection
' For example, set the host window to minimized
autECLWinObj.Minimized = True