autECLConnList Class

autECLConnList contains information about all started connections. Its name in the registry is ZIEWin.autECLConnList.

The autECLConnList object contains a collection of information about connections to a host. Each element of the collection represents a single connection (emulator window). A connection in this list may be in any state (for example, stopped or disconnected). All started connections appear in this list. The list element contains the state of the connection.

An autECLConnList object provides a static snapshot of current connections. The list is not dynamically updated as connections are started and stopped. The Refresh method is automatically called upon construction of the autECLConnList object. If you use the autECLConnList object right after its construction, your list of connections is current. However, you should call the Refresh method in the autECLConnList object before accessing its other methods if some time has passed since its construction to ensure that you have current data. Once you have called Refresh you may begin walking through the collection