ECLFieldList Class

The ECLFieldList class performs operations on a list of fields in a host presentation space. An application should not create an ECLFieldList object directly, but only indirectly by creating an ECLPS object.

ECLFieldList contains a collection of all the fields in the presentation space. Each element of the collection is an ECLField object. See ECLField Class for details on its properties and methods.

An ECLFieldList object provides a static snapshot of what the presentation space contained when the Refresh method was called. If the presentation space is updated after the call to Refresh(), the field list does not reflect those changes. An application must explicitly call Refresh to refresh the field list.

Once an application has called Refresh it can begin walking through the collection of fields using GetFirstField and GetNextField. If the location of a field is known, FindField can be used to locate it in the list directly.
Note: All ECLField object pointers returned by GetFirstField, GetNextField, and FindField become invalid when Refresh is called or the ECLFieldList object is destroyed.