autECLPS Class

autECLPS performs operations on a presentation space. Its name in the registry is ZIEWin.autECLPS.

You must initially set the connection for the object you create. Use SetConnectionByName or SetConnectionByHandle to initialize your object. The connection may be set only once. After the connection is set, any further calls to the SetConnection methods cause an exception. If you do not set the connection and try to access a property or method, an exception is also raised.

  1. In the presentation space, the first row coordinate is row 1 and the first column coordinate is column 1. Therefore, the top, left position has a coordinate of row 1, column 1.
  2. The autECLPS object in the autECLSession object is set by the autECLSession object.
The following is an example of how to create and set the autECLPS object in Visual Basic.
DIM  autECLPSObj as Object
DIM  NumRows as Long
Set autECLPSObj = CreateObject("ZIEWin.autECLPS")
' Initialize the connection
autECLPSObj .SetConnectionByName("A")
' For example, get the number of rows in the PS
NumRows = autECLPSObj.NumRows