The following is an example of using the PasteText method.

// ECLPS::PasteText
// Paste text to Presentation Space from clipboard.
void Sample127() {
ECLPS PS('A');         // PS object for connection A
long row, col, length2paste;
// Note that an ECL error is thrown if we try to write to
// a protected field.
try {
  	printf("Please enter the position and length to paste from clipboard [row col length2paste] \n");
  	scanf("%ld %ld %ld", &row, &col, &length2paste);   
		PS.PasteText(row, col, length2paste); 
catch (ECLErr Err) {   
		printf("Failed to paste text: %s\n", Err.GetMsgText()); 
} // end sample