The following is an example of using the SendKeys method.

// ECLPS::SendKeys
// Sends a series of keystrokes, including 3270 function keys, to
// the host on connection A.
void Sample62() {
ECLPS PS('A');         // PS object for connection A
// The following key string will erase from the current cursor
// position to the end of the field, and then type the given
// characters into the field.
char		SendStr[] = "[eraseeof]ZIEWin is really cool";
// Note that an ECL error is thrown if we try to send keys to
// a protected field.
try {
  PS.SendKeys(SendStr);        // Do it at the current cursor position
  PS.SendKeys(SendStr, 3, 10); // Again at row 3 column 10
catch (ECLErr Err) {
  printf("Failed to send keys: %s\n", Err.GetMsgText());
} // end sample