The following example shows how to create an ECLOIA object using the connection name.

// ECLOIA::ECLOIA              (Constructor)
// Build an OIA object from a name, and another from a handle.
void Sample45() {
ECLOIA *OIA1, *OIA2;    // Pointer to OIA objects
ECLConnList ConnList;   // Connection list object
try {
  // Create OIA object for connection 'A'
  OIA1 = new ECLOIA('A');
  // Create OIA object for first connection in conn list
  OIA2 = new ECLOIA(ConnList.GetFirstConnection()->GetHandle());
  printf("OIA #1 is for connection %c, OIA #2 is for connection %c.\n",
         OIA1->GetName(), OIA2->GetName());
  delete OIA1;
  delete OIA2;
catch (ECLErr Err) {
  printf("ECL Error: %s\n", Err.GetMsgText());
} // end sample