The GetScreen method fills an application-supplied buffer with data from the field. The type of data copied to the buffer is selected with the optional Plane parameter. The default is to return the text plane data. The data returned is the field as it existed at the time this field object was created; it will not reflect the current contents of the field if it has been updated since the ECLFieldList::Refresh function was called.

The length of the data returned is the length of the field (see GetLength). When the TextPlane is copied, an additional null terminating byte is added after the last data byte. Therefore, the application should provide a buffer that is at least 1 byte more than the field length when getting the text plane. If the application buffer is too small the returned data is truncated. The number of bytes of copied to the application buffer is returned as the function result (not including the null terminator for copies of the text plane).

The FieldPlane cannot be obtained with this function. The ECLField::GetAttribute can be used to obtain the field attribute value.